Farmhouse Paper Scroll DIY Project

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

Have you ever seen a farmhouse paper scroll project on Pinterest or a gorgeous home decor site and thought, "I'd love to do that project, but I just don't have fancy handwriting like that."...or you see that those projects use vinyl cutouts and you're not into that whole scene? If you're drying to have a farmhouse paper scroll in your house, but want the project to be EASY, SojoChalks has the perfect solution for you! Use your Chalk Couture pastes and transfers. By making this DIYproject, you will have over 100 feet to chalk on, changing out your design as often as you desire!

What you'll need for your farmhouse paper scroll project:


  1. Paper Scroll

  2. Twine

  3. Clips

  4. Wooden Dowel: pick up locally, at least ⅝” round and 24”+ long (you will have a piece leftover)

  5. Chalk Couture Transfer (This is the one I used in the project, but you can use any transfer that fits your style!)

  6. Chalk Couture Black Velvet Paste (or any color of your choice)

  7. Squeegee

  8. Fuzzing Cloth

  9. Board erasers


  1. Something to cut wood dowel - handsaw, sawzall, mitre saw Simple tip: If you are purchasing this at a hardware store, you can ask if they can cut it for you.

  2. Drill to make holes for twine Not into power tools or don't have access to a drill, you could always just knot the twine around the wood dowel.

  3. Sanding Block or Sandpaper to smooth the dowel

  4. Optional: Paint or stain for dowel if you don’t want to leave it plain. I opted to leave it unfinished in this project.


Once you've gathered all your supplies, it's time to get to work on your farmhouse paper scroll! Step 1 & 2: First up, measure your dowel 4 inches wider than your paper scroll, and then cut the dowel with your saw tool.

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

Step 3: Once your dowel is cut to length, you will need to drill holes in either end to tie the twine. If you don't have access to a drill for this step, you can also simply tie the twine around each end of the dowel. (But don't tie it yet! Head to the next step first.)

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

Step 4: After the dowel has been cut and the holes drilled, give it a quick bit of sanding to smooth all the rough edges. This is also where you can paint or stain the dowel if you so desire.

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

Step 5 & 6: When your dowel is all set to go, place it through the paper roll. Now, you will thread your twine through the drilled hole and tie a knot underneath the dowel. Then repeat the same on the other hole. Be sure to leave enough slack in the twine so you can easily hang your farmhouse paper scroll.

If you opted to not drill holes in your dowel, this is where you would tie and knot the twine around each end of the dowel.

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

PRO TIP: Wrap scotch tape at the end of your twine and it’s easier to thread thru the holes.

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

Step 7: The last step is to fold back an inch or two of the bottom edge of paper, this is where you’ll put the clips. It adds weight to the bottom of the scroll to keep your paper from rolling up again.

Final Step: Watch this video to see how to apply your Chalk Couture transfer and paste to complete the Farmhouse Paper Scroll DIY Project!

Here's what the finished project looks like. Just think of how this will look in your home!

Don't have time to create this project right now, save it for later. Pin the image below!

Farmhouse Paper Scroll Chalk Couture DIY Project |

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