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DIY Embroidery Hoop Door Hanger

Updated: Mar 13

Do you love DIY projects, but hate when sewing is involved? Well, here's some good news for you! This adorable Easter DIY embroidery hoop door hanger is super easy to make and there's no sewing involved! All you need are a few supplies, your Chalk Couture Easter transfers, and a hot glue gun!

You also get to learn how to use your Chalk Couture transfers to make cute 'stuffies'!

Take a look below at the supplies you'll need for your embroidery hoop door hanger.


  1. 16” embroidery hoop

  2. 2 pieces of coordinating fabric: -- 1 piece: at least 18 x 18 for the background -- 1 piece: at least 12 x 24 for the bunny stuffies

  3. Chalkology Ink: Black Velvet Ink is recommended for textiles, especially when it's something that may need to be laundered. But since this will probably NEVER go in the washing machine, Chalkology Paste is a perfectly acceptable replacement if you don’t have ink or it’s out of stock.

  4. Bunny Duo Chalk Couture Transfer

  5. Egg Hunt This Way Chalk Couture Transfer

  6. Squeegee

  7. Fuzzing Cloth

  8. Ink Mat


  1. Fabric glue or hot glue

  2. Piece of cardboard to make bunny template

  3. Polyfill stuffing

  4. Farmhouse Beads and/ or twine to make the hanger

  5. Embellishments like ribbon, flowers, carrots to finish off the door hanger


  1. Exacto Knife

  2. Hair Dryer or Quick Dry Tool

  3. Scissors (that can cut fabric)

  4. Hot Glue Gun (optional) (I love my corded Surebonder, or but really love my cordless Ryobi!)

Once you've gathered all your supplies and set up your work area, it's time to get started on your DIY embroidery hoop door hanger!


Step 1: Lay out the background fabric on the ink mat, making sure it’s smooth.

Step 2: Cut apart the transfers and lay every out within the hoop to make sure you have room for everything.

Step 3 & 4: Lay the 'Hoppy Easter' transfer down on the fabric. Use your ink/paste to create the words. Then set the hoop and background fabric aside to dry.

Next up, you will create the bunny 'stuffies' for the embroidery hoop door hanger.

Step 5: You will need the bunny transfers, cardboard, Exacto knife, and fuzzing cloth. Fuzz your two transfers VERY well before placing down on the cardboard, otherwise, the paper of the cardboard may stick to your transfer. Place the transfer down lightly - this step doesn’t have to be perfect as you are only making a template.

Using any color chalk paste from your collection, chalk the outline of each of the bunnies on your cardboard. Remove the transfer and wash the paste off.

PRO TIP: If any of the cardboard comes up with the transfer, no biggie! Just soak for a few minutes before cleaning and you will be able to rub off any paper stuck to the transfer.

Lastly cut the two bunny templates out using an Exacto knife. They don't have to be perfect as you're simply using them to cut your fabric out.

Step 6: Lay the fabric you are using for the bunnies down on the ink mat as a single layer. Use the two Chalk Couture transfers that have the bunny finishing touches and lay them down on the fabric leaving enough room between each one as well as enough fabric leftover so you can double it up.

Ink/chalk these two transfers but be careful NOT to ink/chalk the registration marks (the little “targets” on the transfers).

Once you've inked your fabric, remove the transfer and wash.

Step 7: Using a hair dryer or our Quick Dry Tool, dry the ink/chalk on your fabric.

Once your bunny details are dry on the fabric, it is time to cut them out! You'll need your cardboard templates and good fabric scissors.

Step 8: Start by doubling the fabric up so you cut out two layers of each of the transfers at one time.

PRO TIP: I found it super helpful to pin the two layers together.

Lay the cardboard template over what you just inked/ chalked in step 6.

PRO TIP: Use glue dots to keep the cardboard templates from moving as you cut.

Cut out the two bunnies, leaving at least ¼” - ⅜” of an inch of fabric around the template. Once, the fabric bunnies are cut, remove the templates - you’re done with these!

Step 9: Grab your fabric glue or hot glue gun and start sealing up the stuffie, being sure to leave an end open to fill it.

Once glued, stuff the bunnies with polyfill through the hole you left unglued. I use a small wood poker (you could use a wooden skewer, knitting needle, end of a small paint brush) to make sure I’m getting the polyfill into the corners. Sometimes when you do this, the glued seams pop open. Just keep re-gluing as necessary.

When you’ve got it all stuffed, glue up the remaining opening.

STEP 10: Time to assemble all the pieces together for your embroidery hoop door hanger!

You'll do this by opening the hoop and laying the background fabric down, and close up the hoop.

Using your fabric scissors, trim away any excess fabric on the back of the hoop, as close as you can to the edge of the hoop.

Flip the embroidery hoop over, and glue your bunny stuffies in place using fabric or hot glue.

Step 11: Create a hanger! I made one using wood beads to give it more of a farmhouse style, but simple twine, jute, or ribbon works fine too!

You can also add embellishments from your stash - like a bow, or raffia carrots (like I did), maybe a little greenery.

Once all the embellishments are added, you're all set to hang up your DIY embroidery hoop door hanger for all to enjoy!

Don't have time to create this project right now, save it for later.

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